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Have A Shot Premium

Have A Shot Premium Sessions are a public group and are perfect for individuals or small groups of people .

Whats included?

  • 12 target warm up
  • 13 target competition
  • Medals awarded to the top 3 scorers.
  • All necessary equipment including hire of competition grade shotgun.
  • Ammunition
  • One on one instruction
  • Hearing and eye protection for participants and spectators.
  • Light refreshments including water, soft drinks and snacks.

We start these sessions with a safety briefing before moving onto your first twelve targets that are used as practice so you can learn how to shoot them before moving onto the 13-target competition section. Sessions are concluded with medal presentations and the opportunity for photos. Sessions are limited to 10 participants and a full session runs for approximately 90 minutes.

$189 per person for adults

$149 per person for teens (12-19yrs)

. Only available on select dates please see table below for available dates.

Have A Shot Premium Available Dates and Times
Saturday 4th of July 1pm
Saturday 11th of July 11am
Sunday 19th of July 11am
Saturday 8th of August 11am
Sunday 16th of August 10:30am
Sunday 23rd of August 10:30am
Saturday 29th of August 10:30am
Saturday 5th of September 10:30am
Saturday 3rd of October,
Sunday 11th October,
Sunday 1st of November, 10:30am
Saturday 14th of November, 9am
Sunday 13th of December, 9am
Saturday 19th of December, 10:30am
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